Leigh Martina Longhurst

19.04.84 - 27.01.08

Cath gave me such comfort through the passing over of my precious daughter Leigh Longhurst.

My Leigh sadly took her own life on 27th January 2008 at 23yrs old.

I, like many of us, did not realise that you could have a natural burial, or indeed that you can conduct the whole procedure yourself. I did not want to have my child cremated in the typical conveyor-belt service, she was a beautiful person and as such she deserved a beautiful passing over.

My friend told me about our local natural burial site I went to see the site and just knew that was where I wanted to lay her to rest. We met Al who told us about Cath, we chose Cath to build Leighs' willow casket because she builds them with her son in their front room and not in a factory.

My husband Ian and our friend Dave dug Leighs' grave by hand, we collected her body from the undertakers in a VW Camper and I drove her with a long prosession of friends to the Sustainability Centre. We had a Pagan Passing Over Ceremony conducted by our friend Frank Somers who is a Druid. I brought her into this world and sent her on in our own way, just like our ancestors did thousands of years ago.

The passing over of any loved one is such a sad time, a mother should never have to bury her child but if ever a funeral was beautiful Leighs' certainly was, it made her passing easier to bear, if that is ever possible but she lays to rest in a beautiful casket in a sacred Yew Tree woods and we did it all on our own.


On Our Own

Below you can click on the links to see films from Leighs funeral... and see how we did it 'on our own'

Clips taken from the original film 'A Tribute to Leigh' filmed by my very dear friend Robert King, whom I can never thank enough for giving me my memories xx

Leigh's journey

Leighs funeral - The Procession