Willow Coffins

For traditional, environmentally-friendly funeral services, willow coffins continue to be popular with families in need of a tailor-made solution for ceremonies of all natures.  We understand that saying goodbye to a loved one can be difficult – and we therefore lovingly craft and hand-make all of our willow coffin creations to order, available for you within three days of your contact with us.  Whenever you need a carefully-made coffin crafted from natural sustainable english willow – we will be with you as soon as possible.

A picture of a willow coffin from Cradle To Grave

Wicker Willow coffins are symbolic of traditions from centuries past – they are lightweight, hand-made and are crafted from locally-sourced materials,our willow is locally grown as sustainably as possible and are 100 percent biodegradable and using traditional methods – we only ever work with local resources in our workshop,and never use any glue or manufactured board,, which means you can be guaranteed of a truly local service and touch from order to delivery.  We are caring and compassionate in what we do – and we will make sure that, throughout the creative process, we will take care to build a bespoke hand woven crafted wicker willow casket for you using traditional willow weaving tecniques and based upon your exact needs and requirements.

Our willow coffin makers are inspired by the traditions and workmanship of years gone by – and what’s more, willow is a renewable resource which can be crafted into a wide range of casket styles and shapes. We make 2 different shaped coffins to keep things simple and can use a variety of natrual colours of willow,buff,brown steamed and white. The caskets we craft and provide can be used as part of an environmentally-friendly woodland or natrual burial ,green burial or traditional funeral or cremation – please do let us know your wishes and we will ensure to design and build you the perfect coffin for your upcoming service.  Our coffins come with a bio degradable waterproof liner and are lined with a natrual calico cotton tiner.

Viking Ash Casket From Cradle To Grave

We are a verified crafter and provider of willow coffins for adults and children.  All the team at Cradle to Grave are passionate about recreating the traditional willow caskets of old – and we are also proud to have been recognised by the Good Funeral Awards as Coffin Supplier of the Year for 2015.  We’re thrilled that we continue to help local families through what can be a difficult time – and we will endeavour to keep doing so with compassion and warmth.  Part of the benefit of purchasing a willow coffin from our workshop lies in the genuine passion and care that goes into each and every weave.

Willow coffin costs will vary from model to model, and this will be dependent, too, on whether you require additional plaques or liners to support your casket.  Rest assured, we are always more than happy to help with any bespoke or custom requests you may have during the crafting of your casket.  While we generally request three days’ notice to ensure that we can create your coffin from scratch, we are able to support more urgent requests – please do get in touch with us today if you require a custom-made casket in a shorter span of time.

Cradle to Grave are here to support you and your family with lovingly-made willow coffins which are both shaped by history and inspired by eco-friendly design.  If you would like us to discuss your needs with you in detail, please call or email us at your convenience.



All our coffins are tailor-made so we need three days notice, although they can be made quicker in an emergency. We will deliver the finished casket to the customers desired location.

Please contact us for a quote for delivery. We deliver the coffins ourselves, but also use a courier service for delivery and can do next day delivery on arrangement, please call for details.

Please contact us to talk through your needs.


Adult Coffin (including bio-degradable waterproof liner): starts at £595

Round Ended coffins £675

White Willow coffins as above plus £100

Baby/Child Coffin: £150-£400

Hand Carved Wood Name Plaque: £25 

Cremation Urn £75

Viking Ash Urns £430


Steamed and Buff Willow Coffin

We were proud to win Coffin Supplier of the Year award at the Good Funeral Award 2015.

As well as winning an award, we also took part in the Ideal Death Show in Winchester during the day, this is a photo from our stand.

Buff and Brown Willow Ash Urn £

Buff Willow Coffin

Green and Buff Willow Coffin

Wooden name-plaque on a hand-forged stake.

White Coffin with Blue Bows

White Coffin with Blue Bows

Steamed Willow Coffin